Monday, January 26, 2009

On Chaos and the Christian

Sometimes it seems our world is coming apart at its seams. People turn to experts for advice and are disappointed.

There will always be tension between reality and ideals. We're called to trust in God, to obey Him, to become like Yeshua (Jesus) as we walk with Him, yet we all fall short.

Can anyone really avoid facing the battle between good and evil? There's a choice to be made: Life or death! Some try to avoid choosing.

In many places, Christians are today persecuted for their faith. In other places the church is hardly distinguished from the surrounding culture.

Chaos, in one form or another, will be a part of this life until we meet Our Lord face to face. Scripture teaches us that when even one Christian is suffering, all suffer. Likewise honour for one brings honour to all.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, The Lord is our strength and shield. We are to look to Him for guidance. He has promised refreshment to all who call upon Him.
Praise His Holy Name!

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