Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Message - EMERGENCY? Call Jesus

Every child that comes into this world is special. In a way we are all emergency babies, but some are born into the very center of pain and tragedy. So it was with Jesus. His parents searched for the most basic need: a place to stay where Mary could give birth. It was a normal delivery in desperate conditions. King Herod caused the death of all the children that were found to have been born about the same time as Jesus. We don’t know the exact date. It could have been Sept. 11th or Nov. 30th, Apr. 10th or Dec. 7th, 4 B.C. or 4 A.D.; we just don’t know. His mother bore Him in labor and the threats and assaults of the world eventually overwhelmed him.

Mankind is still oppressed. Sin has shot straight into our hearts. Jesus answered our emergency. He lived for us. On that first Good Friday, during the annual Passover observance of the Jews, He died for us. He is God's first aid offered to all. The only cost is willingness to make the call for help, to listen to, and follow, His directions for our safe delivery. When we follow His instructions, our innocence and weakness will mature into wisdom and compassion, and we become co-labourers with Him in ministering to all in distress.

In trouble? Need help?
He is indeed risen from the dead; He’s alive!
Why not call out to Him today...

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