Friday, September 24, 2010

From Truth to Terror

Truth is the first casualty in war.

Propaganda is the attempt to impose a faith system on a community or society.

There can be a very fine line of distinction between farce and terror.

Witness the ongoing inertia, worldwide, of 'political correctness' and the denial of common sense by so-called sophisticates of various sorts.

The mainstream media would have us believe it's okay to have an abortion 30 days before the due date but, because the embryo has magically transformed into a human, infanticide would be wrong 2 days afterward. They would have the seal hunt stopped while they promote euthanasia for the disabled.

Stephen Hawking's recent claim that there is no God rests solely on his own belief that the universe did not need a creator. If at some distant point in the past there was ever a time when absolutely nothing existed, not even time, matter, gravity or space, then without some transcendental action by some body none of us would now exist.

Secularists complain about the hypocrisy of Christians but snicker at earnest
prayers for healing and stories of miracles.

O for the return of truth to both our pulpits and our lecture halls!
Only then may terror be subdued.

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