Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rejoicing with a Friend

An excerpt from 'Finding light through the dark' - by Lance Holdforth,
 Special to the Barrie Examiner

Finding the perfect piece of wood became the light at the end of Christopher MacInnis’ very dark tunnel. Severe depression has plagued MacInnis since he was diagnosed in 1996, and isolating himself in his basement is often the only way he can cope with the dark thoughts of hopelessness that surface when his illness takes over. “My mood was exceptionally dark. It’s like being in a cave where there’s no lights,” he said. “It’s pitch dark and you can’t see your way to getting out anywhere even with all the medications.” On one of his good days in April, MacInnis was able to leave his home and went to an auction in Cookstown where he found an 11-foot plank of spruce for $5. After realizing the wood’s potential, 49-year-old MacInnis wanted to make a new cutting board for his kitchen which would become his long-awaited achievement of progress.

We really need more groups like the one Chris and his friends have. There are many others who are in dire need. Lord, Help us all to be willing to listen to one another's stories.

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