Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love amidst the perils - reposted

LOVE! Why? It’s God’s command, here and now.
Who, Me? Yes, You!

Take some down time; Look around.
Multi channels visit the globe; noises blare!
Feel the sombre stare of screaming pages plucked from the web.
Burning sun and shooting stars yell and cry and warn...
of bitter justice soon scrawled on walls and doorways!

At the guarded gate to paradise,
mythic states jeer in defence of forged creeds.
Defiant shadows of our past echo their prideful conflict,
forcing children of men into nightmares.

Green peasant's lands suffer affliction,
as silvered rivers, damned for electric amenities,
flow wth pesticides, fungicides, wasted antibiotics;
Vigor is sterilized while rotten wealth is made.

A strange preacher leads his flock awry,
and authorities bring the fire and brimstone!

Is Love on holiday?
Kids bully and are bullied to take up arms
and little towns cry for lost minds.

Convicted killers are shuttered in dusky dungeons,
doomed, like parched trees,
dying to be posters for deception and vengeance.

Terrible gauntlets fly;
A mighty fortress is cracked open
and the deathday dawns upon a city of liberty;

Cries of faith punch at apathy as sacrifices begin again.
Silent lamp posts hang down,
marking lonely days and nights.

The whole planet shudders,
leaving cities and nations swamped as by its tears.
Crystal cups of sorrow haunt the yearly festivals.

LOVE! Why? … It’s essential, required, demanded!

Seek the Face of THE HOLY ONE,
the Healer of all wounds.

LOVE! and march forward into eternity!

(revised January 2012)

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