Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pointing to Jesus in Canada

O Canada, wake up!
Only in Christ can we truly stand on guard for our country.
In Canada I’ve made my home
Working in the Lord’s Vineyard.
I seek always to give all praise
To the One we all adore.
With sisters, brothers, clients, friends
We work and serve together
The One who is our strength and song
... Jesus our Redeemer.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Follow Him in pure delight,
And tell Him all your cares and joys
And Love with all your might.
The Word of faith in His cross and blood
Gives life and love and power;
As fully and above all else
You hear and follow Jesus.
‘I am the way - truth - life’, says he
‘All must come to God through me.’
T’is His desire that all be saved
And healed from sin’s despair.
God bless the stranger, rich or poor
As family by faith;
Relationships on earth will fade
But Jesus is forever.

  O Come, Lord Jesus!

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