Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Scientific Art of Complaining

An Argument for Joy

There's a widely observed need to restore the role of argument to its proper place in our lives. When we disagree with one another, there are usually only a few ways to proceed.

We all have something about which to complain. Many of our concerns are legitimate. Why then do so many of our struggles remain unresolved?

We're all keen to debate issues of politics, sports, religion, the economy, pollution, and the quality of our food and drink. We're tempted to entertain gossip about our leaders. We cling to our opinions and we’ve even been known to fight for our 'rights'.

When we look at our leaders, do we see humble practitioners of spiritual authority?
Do we ignore problems when they appear small or trivial?
What happens when we meet stubborn ignorance or refusal?
Do we simmer internally?
Do we consider our leaders slaves to institutional mediocrity?
Do we blow off steam by speaking to others instead of the offender.
Do we actually talk to people who have power and authority to resolve our presenting problems?
Do those of us who believe in God pray, faithfully, for divine assistance?

The alternate approaches, of verbal, physical and legal attack are counter-productive. The only valid Spiritual defence is prayer-supported love-in-action.
Try reason.
Ask whether others share your concern.
Try reason again.
Wait patiently.
Try again.
And Love anyway even when it's tough.

Your joy depends absolutely upon your obedience to Jesus!

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