Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fight the Good Fight

'The Real Fight: Classical Liberalism vs. Authoritarian Progressivism

Christian liberals ... interpret recent political history differently from “radicals.” ... “liberalism appears to be daily more hostile” to Christianity and suggests that the anti-Christian turn of modern governments is the fault of liberalism. Anti-Christian hostility (is) on the rise in modern governments, but (one cannot properly) describe these governments as “liberal.”

(In effect,) Western states have been dominated by illiberal government since the first half of the twentieth century. What threatens Christianity today are governments inspired by authoritarian progressivism.'    taken from

Our cultural 'thought police' despise the very concept of absolute truth and seek to prevent genuine evangelistic efforts.

May God answer the prayers of all who have asked Him for good governments that truly and impartially administer justice, to the maintenance of true religion and virtue.

Keep on praying and praising Jesus. Follow Him.

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